Public - Private Partnership (PPP) is a financing and investment framework that is being adopted by governments from all over the world to increase the allotment of resources for social services and support the spending in infrastructure.

The government is making sure that health services be made available, affordable and efficient for the people; whereas, the private sector is driven by reasonable return of investment and sustainability of operations. PPP can help both sectors meet their objectives.

The UNECE International Specialist Centre of Excellence for PPP in Health is a platform for international professionals who are directly involved in healthcare. The centre's objective is to provide internationally - recognised best practices and to formulate an international standard in PPP in health. The centre would also supply outlined research and extensive training documents to help strengthen the health services all over the world. The centre exists to find solutions for persisting health problems and to assist developing countries familiarise their governments with PPP in health.

The International Specialist Centre of Excellence for PPP in Health believes that each member is an asset. Each member is being encouraged to share their outstanding procedures that can be applied in the other countries. Members are also encouraged to share other essential documents to ensure standardisation of PPP in health.

Interested parties can submit their profile and other contact information in the Contact Us section with queries, then a representative from UNECE International Specialist Centre of Excellence for Public - Private Partnerships in Health will contact them to further discuss the process of membership.

If a current member wants to change their membership preference, they can do so by advising their intentions in the Contact Us section and a representative will contact them afterwards.