Proper Diet Should Start at Home

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the rate of childhood obesity continues to rise in the United States due to sedentary lifestyle and improper diet. In the updated recommendation released by the AAP, it provided details how family can help engage the alarming buildup of childhood obesity.

As per the AAP, healthy eating can be encouraged by:

  • Serving more fruits and vegetables

  • Reduce sodas and high fat, high calorie snack foods

  • Ensuring that the children eat their breakfast daily

  • Eating fast food less often

  • Not using food as a reward

  • Promote sleep

Physical group activity is also very important to limit abeyant lifestyle and develop healthy habits together as it is important for healthy eating and physical activity to be enforced to a child’s development stage. The AAP noted that pediatricians can help families find ways to accept healthier lifestyle.